Praise for Abandoned

"I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book!!!! It has the creepy, the weird, the fun, the scary, the adventure, the back-in-time, local, Florida appeal. Every chapter brings a new fold of intrigue and suspense! Great read!"

In a single night, the residents of Shadow Bay suddenly perished.

Sixteen years later, Ian Richards discovers the town’s abandoned asylum where he finds disturbing amounts of blood on the floor, walls, and furniture. Had a psychotic patient slashed everyone to death? Perhaps a wild beast attack or the aftermath of a deadly virus?

Catastrophe escalates when supernatural forces trap him inside the town. Ian’s only hope of escaping lies outside of Shadow Bay, but without a way to contact anyone, he may become the town’s next victim.

Abandoned is a spine-tingling, young adult horror thriller that will keep you riveted until the surprise ending.

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