When the clock struck twelve a.m. on January 1, 2000, the entire town of Shadow Bay died.

Forty three years earlier, eighteen year old Phoebe is a nonverbal autistic patient in the Shadow Bay Asylum. One night, she spies two figures carrying a body to the gravedigger's shed in the cemetery. Who is the person on the stretcher? What is so important about the death that they couldn’t wait until morning to transport the body?

The following morning, Phoebe notices her few friends seemed to have vanished. Ruthie, the feeble girl who sits next to Phoebe in the cafeteria, hasn't shown up for breakfast. Her roommate has yet to return from being taken by orderlies for a psychotic episode. The boy she loves didn't show up to help her feed the seagulls.

Phoebe searches to uncover the truth of their disappearances. There is one dilemma. Unable to speak and write coherently, how could she convey to anyone what she finds? And how can she fight the evil that threatens her life?

Phoebe's Secret is a young adult, suspense short story. Get this book now to learn Phoebe's Secret.

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